Samsung Galaxy S IV Operating System And Release Date Rumors

As the iPhone 5 buzz comes to an end, Samsung’s next flagship smartphone-Samsung Galaxy S IV draws and holds all attention. Though it has been just several months since the South Korean manufacturer launched its Galaxy S III, it certainly feels like Samsung is taking over the world right now – at least, the Android world. There’s no doubt that Galaxy S3 is arguably the phone of 2012.

Rumour mills are already abuzz with the “what could be” in specifications of its upcoming smartphone.

While there is absolutely no guarantee that these features will necessarily be part of the final product, there is likelihood some of these speculations could surely find way into the package.

We bring you five best rumours about Samsung Galaxy S IV.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Operating System, Samsung galaxy s, s2 and s3 both with android operating system. Nowadays, there are some new rumors on s4’s system. TIZEN? Android 5.0?

A new rumor claimed that the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 will ditch Google’s Android for another operating system. Samsung Galaxy S4 may sport an entirely different operating system called TIZEN. TIZEN is an operating system for multiple device categories including smartphones, tablets, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) devices, smart TVs, and more. It is an open source operating system that resides within the Linux Foundation, with TSG (Intel and Samsung) being the primary decision-making body.

TIZEN provides a flexible environment for application developers, based on jQuery and jQuery Mobile. The software development kit (SDK) allows developers to use HTML5 and related web technologies to write applications that run across multiple device segments.

2,Android 5.0
Smartphone maker Samsung has been on a bit of a roll lately with their flagship handsets such as the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 leading the way. There was a time that the sort of leaks and speculation we now see for the company’s upcoming products were just reserved for the Apple iPhone, but now though thoughts have been turning to its next flagship model in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S4, and the handsets eventual release could coincide with the launch of the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie OS.

And Also new rumors of Samsung Galaxy S4 release date.

It seems more than likely that Samsung will eschew MWC 2013 once more for the release of its top handset, instead focusing on the launch in May 2013, which we’d really like to see. A recent teaser by Samsung promised something at CES in January, but this is really rather unlikely.
This is for a number of reasons: time to allow the current customers to buy the S3, being able to scoop up all the customers about to come out of contract from the S2 and also not making its fans feel like its throwing out a new flagship phone every three seconds.

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