HTC Sense 5 UI Rumors

Myabe you have read this news from last year- “5 things HTC’s sense UI needs to change Now”.
1.Charging Percentage on the Lockscreen
2.Put my Browser back in the Launcher
3.Stop isolating HTC Widgets
4.Simplify the “connect to PC screen”
5.Homepage configuration

Both above are agreed by many more HTC fans. Now there are a rumors on the new Sense UI – HTC Sense 5 UI.

HTC equipped the Butterfly and the Droid DNA with its own Sense on top of Android, version 4+ for these particular models — as well as the One X which is getting a newer UI thanks to a reported update. Sense 5 is rumored to be launched on the HTC M7, which is still just subject to hear-say until CES or MWC.

However, according to recent reports, the upcoming Sense 5 will bring a UI overhaul which should be “simple and clean” with an improved lockscreen, and further tweaks to HTC apps. The image above claims to be, according to a Chinese report, the dialer from HTC Sense 5, while the image below depicts the keyboard for the upcoming devices featuring the latest Sense. Of course, compared to the similar elements of Sense 4+, we don’t see significant changes but these two items are just a small part of what HTC Sense is..

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