CES 2013-Samsung

The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, is one of the largest showcases of new technology in the world.
Hosted by the Consumer Electronics Association in Las Vegas, CES 2013 will open to press and exhibitors from every facet of the electronics industry, and TechRadar is here to deliver the latest news from the show.
We’ve descended upon the gambling capital of the world for four days to bask in the glow of the latest computers, televisions, cameras, phones and more.

Wireless AV connectivity

Samsung rang in CES by announcing a quartet of new AV products, namely the HW-F750, a valve amplified soundbar that has two world firsts – wireless connectivity to a TV and an integrated amplifier.

The South Korean firm also pushed out a wireless Bluetooth speaker, home theatre system complete with multi-directional speaker, 4K Processor and Blu-ray component, plus a new Blu-ray player.

We don’t have many details on pricing, availability or how well these puppies run just yet, but we’ll know in a matter of hours as CES prepares to kick off.

RCA TV tablet

It’s a TV! It’s a tablet! It’s both!

Out-of-the-box TV design from Samsung

Samsung is playing a mean wait-and-see game when it comes to its CES announcements, teasing Dec. 31 that the “true innovation” in TV is coming to Las Vegas sometime between January 8 and January 11.

Promising an unprecedented TV shape and “timeless gallery design,” this particular Samsung television offering looks to have a translucent screen, at least according to an eerie promo pic. We could also see a bezel-less, edge-to-edge display if totally translucent isn’t in the cards.

Whatever it has planned, we’re mystified by Samsung’s hints and hope we can wrap our heads around it come CES.

Serious Series 7 offerings by Samsung

Samsung has let it be known far and wide that it has some monitors and new laptops in store for CES 2013, including a first of its kind.

First it revealed it will show two new Series 7 monitors come early January, the SC770 Touch Monitor and the no-touch SC750. The SC770 is the South Korean firm’s first multi-touch monitor built around Windows 8.

We’ll also see an enhanced Series 7 Chronos at the show plus the first Ultra in the Series 7 family. Both feature Full HD screens though only one (hint: it’s not the Chronos) will have more than one processor option.

Samsung Display’s bendable screens

One of the more playful products we expect to see at the show are flexible screens from Samsung Display.

Company reps confirmed to CNET that there will be a 5.5in bendy display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 HD and a pixel count of 267 ppi. Samsung’s LCD-producing spin-off company is also throwing in a 55in TV version for our viewing (and manipulating?) pleasure.

Things are going to get twisted down in Vegas, that’s for sure.

Staggering 110-inch UHD TV from Samsung

Samsung isn’t slacking in its CES plans, as rumors surfaced December 17 that the firm was planning to unveil a 110-inch Ultra HD TV come show time.

A Korean tech site’s source said the company also has OLED TV designs for Vegas, creating the perfect storm for a “my TVs are totally the best, yours’ belong in a heap” showdown between Samsung, LG, Sony and even Westinghouse.

All we want to know is: can we get a 110in set for the office?

Samsung announces major new product

Hold onto your oversized souvenir drink – Samsung has an earth shattering announcement planned for CES.

At least that’s what the South Korean company would have us believe in a teaser video it recently posted.

While short on details, the video implores the world to “get ready” for something we’ve all been waiting for. We’ve touched on the rebranding rumors, the Galaxy S4 and even a QWERTY tablet.

While Samsung could announce one, none or all three of these products, it could have a product up its sleeve that leaves up entirely blindsided. We kind of hope for that…

Galaxy S4 with Full HD Super AMOLED display

As the major hardware manufacturer taking up CES real estate, it’s no surprise Samsung should (so far) dominate the rumor mill.

This one has a Full HD Super AMOLED display arriving at the show, but that’s not all: chances are we’ll see such a screen housed inside the Galaxy S4.

A Samsung source reported that the display’s resolution will reach 1920 x 1080 and a staggering 441 ppi, but the real point of interest is in the ultra-thin and energy efficient AMOLED technology.

Fingers crossed Samsung decides to bring a SIV with such a screen as its CES carry on.

World’s largest Ultra HD TV from Samsung

Can you say “whoa?” Samsung is about to set mouths agape with an 85in Ultra HD LED TV, “the world’s largest commercialized UHD LED TV.”

The company made the over eight million pixel tube official November 12, and we’re looking forward to standing wide-eyed before the mondo television that probably makes the lights on the Strip look like dying flashlights.

Samsung rebrands itself

Despite having the best-selling smartphone in the world and running an operating system on clip to eclipse all others, Samsung is reportedlypreparing quite the rebranding at CES 2013.

CES 2013

While we don’t necessarily anticipate a radical image reimagining, we do expect Samsung will take advantage of the stage (and a keynote speech) to introduce a new facet to its business identity – a refresh, as it were.

One of CES’s exhibit categories is “Digital Health and Fitness,” so Samsung will likely tack onto that theme with the introduction of products (or the retooling of current devices) that fit into the health and wellness category.

Samsung has reportedly hired a design team that’s worked with Nike on some of that company’s branding initiatives, so we’ll likely see some dynamic stuff from South Korea in Vegas.

As Samsung continues to grow from an Asian powerhouse to a global one, how it sells itself to a broad international audience will be key to its future.

We expect Stephen Woo, president of Samsung Electronics’ device solutions division, to set the tone of the company’s refreshed self during his keynote address January 9.

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