How to print android text messages

When using the android software, because by the authorization, the software can handle information and copied to the software developer’s server, for example, “Angry birds” requires a short news to read and send privileges, it’s likely when user playing with “angry birds” game and the same time it has been read your android phone text messages. In addition, multiple software has the function of copy and read your phone book.

By tracking survey found that 65% of the program will send those information to developers, 38% of the information is sent to the advertiser, and 12% of the information is sent to confirm the identity of the third party.

With such a situation, how should we protect our text messages privacy?

The answer is: we can copy and backup the text messages, and then delete those in your phone by using AST android sms transfer, you can also use this software to print android text messages.

How to use AST android sms transfer?

Step 1. Install Software on Android and Computer

Free download the installation package of Jihosoft Android SMS Transfer. Decompress it and you will see two folders: “PC Port” and “Phone Port”. Install the app on your Android phone and computer separately.

print android text messagesprint android text messages

Step 2. Backup Android Text Messages to SD Card

Run this app on your Android phone. Click “Backup SMS” and all your Android text messages will be quickly saved to the SD card in .db file.

print android text messages

Step 3. Transfer Saved Android Text Messages to PC

Connect your Android mobile to PC via USB cable. Then find and copy the backup .db file from Android phone to computer.

Step 4. Print Out Android Text Messages on PC

Run Android SMS Transfer on your PC. Click “File” then “Import” to load the .db file to the program. Now you can print Android SMS on paper by clicking the “Print” button. You are allowed to preview the text messages before printing.

print android text messages


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