How to transfer sms from android to android

The Android mobile operating system as one of the world’s most popular smartphone platform position continuously strengthen, the three months ended March 2013, the global market share of 64.2%.

By surveyed In Australia, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Britain and the United States those nine countries , the results show that the Android market share on average for 64.2% in the first quarter of this year. Japan is the only one Android has not yet established dominance of the market, apple’s iOS are still in the lead, the market share of 49.2%, slightly higher than the 45.8% of Android.

Forget the Japan market, to see in the United States, Britain, Germany and other developed countries, emerging countries such as China, and like Spain which now economic crisis, Android is ahead of iOS. Among them, the Android’s market share reached 93.5% in Spain.

As the the android market growth faster and faster, but more and more problems also emerge in our daily life, such as how to transfer sms from android to android, which means if you buy a new android phone, how to transfer the text messages from your old android phone to new android phone.

The following post will let you know how to transfer sms from android to android use AST backup android sms software.

Step 1. Install Android SMS Transfer

transfer sms from android to androidtransfer sms from android to android

Step 2. Backup Old Android SMS Messages

Run Android SMS Transfer on your old Android mobile. Hit “Backup SMS” to backup your old Android text messages. All your SMS messages will be saved to SD card in .db file.

transfer sms from android to android

Step 3. Transfer SMS from Android to Android

To transfer SMS messages from old Android to new Android, you need to transfer the backup file (.db file) to new phone using Bluetooth or via USB connection to computer first.


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