Why need convert video and how to convert video to htc?

Convert video formats has a variety of functions, the different formats has different video recording method, and some formats screen performance force is very high, and some format compression rate is high, and has smaller space occupied , and some video formats is more suitable for Unique devices. A lot of player possess relatively little decoding , For certain video formats do not support, At this time you need to convert the video format. Or originally video format compression ratio is low, in order to store it, so need to convert it in limited storage space.

All of us know that HTC android phone can not play FLV format, so we need to convert FLV format which can suitable for HTC phone. I suggest you use Video to HTC Phones Converter

below you can see how to convert video to htc


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Step 1: Import Source Video Files

Download and install the free trial version of Video to HTC Phones Converter into your computer. Run it, and click the “Import” button to import source video files to the program.

Convert Popular Videos to HTC MP4

Tip: Jihosoft HTC Video Converter supports batch conversion, thus you can add multiple video files to the program for processing at a time.

Step 2: Specify Output Format and Folder

Select MP4 as the output format from the drop-down menu of “Profile” and enter into the Setting window to adjust the video resolution, frame rate, bit rate, etc. Then specify the output path for the converted MP4 videos.

Step 3: Start Converting Video to HTC MP4

Finally, click the “Start” button, the program will work immediately to convert AVI or FLV to HTC MP4. A progress bar will appear to show the conversion process.


Step 4: Import Video to HTC for Playback

After conversion, you can connect your HTC phone to PC via USB cable, and transfer the converted MP4 video to your HTC phone for playback.
Know More about Video to HTC Phones Converter

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