Welcome to my blog.
Friends call me Johnny, an editor from Apex Studio. And I am good at digital technology analysis. Also I am interested in software development.

The next is the reason for writing this blog. (I will update my blog every week)
I like Android for it is my first smartphone’ operating system. And there many important sms messages in my android phone. So I want to backup sms to my pc in a text file for reading and treasuring. Now I have developed an android sms backup software, just a small app. The next I will introduce this software for android sms backup.


-Backup SMS in Android and Transfer Android SMS to PC/Mac
The easiest-to-use personal SMS managing software lets me backup, restore, edit & save Android SMS in text file conveniently and get a perfect safeguard for important SMS.

  • Transfer SMS from Android mobile to computer
  • Restore SMS to Android phone freely
  • Edit and save SMS in computer conveniently
  • Export SMS to document files in format such as txt, csv
  • Print Android SMS out in amazing threading mode

Download the free trial version:android sms transfer download.
[The free trial version only support ten messages backup in android. If you don’t interested, please ingnore this]

My Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/astandroidsmstranfer
Official Website:AST Android SMS Transfer

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