Q & A

Questions And Answers On SMS Backup & Restore

AST Android SMS Transfer Offers a solution to resolve most common questions on Android SMS Backup & Restore

Most common questions

  • how to backup and restore sms in htc phone, or backup sms in a phone and restore in another one?
  •  how to view or edit text messages on computer?
  • how to export text messages(or messages just from one contact) in a text file or csv format?
  •  how to print text messages?

Example questions

  1. I have so many text messages in my android htc phone, and now i want to transfer some important text messages to my new samsung galaxy. How to do it, i won’t want to delete any messages in my phone.
  2. I have a text message conversation with a workmate. Now we need these text messages which would be our work report. So how can we do that? How to export this conversation and print? I use a HTC wildfire, she use a galaxy s.
  3. I want to transfer android motorola sms to galaxy s3? And transfer some messages to my computer, how to export these messages?
  4. How to print my daughters’cell phone text messages out?How to print my daughters’cell
    I suspect that my daughter is having “puppy love” but her father doesn’t believe that. So I want to print my daughters’ cell phone text messages out for evidence. Is it possible? By the way, her cell phone is HTC Leo.

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