SMS Backup & Restore

AST Android SMS Transfer – The Best SMS management tool that lets every android fans manage SMS easily

Every android users could backup and restore sms in a android phone, edit & delete & export & print sms(text messages) in a PC or Mac.

Complete User Guide of AST Android SMS Transfer, visit here:how to use ast android sms transfer
In an Android Phone
You can:
Backup sms in DB file and restore sms from db file quickly and easily

Free Download AST Android SMS Transfer APK

In a PC or Mac
Transfer the sms backup db file to a pc or mac.
Install AST Android SMS Transfer For Windows or Mac and Run.
Import DB file.
You can:

  • Edit – Edit each messages you want (such as change “i love him” to “i love her”)
  • Delete – Delete Spam or unconcerned messages
  • Export – Export some important(such as messages from your family or boyfriend) or all messages out as a text or csv document
  • Print – Print all messages you choose

Free Download AST Android sms transfer for windows/mac

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Note: After editing, the sms backup db file will be changed. Now you can save this file which contain all messages you want and restore these important sms to a new android phone with AST Android SMS Transfer APK


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